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How not to sleep

How not to sleep

There is rest, but there is also higher levels in resting. To be so defocused from reality that all externalities can not interrupt your sleep is the mark of a excellent sleeper. To sleep this well one must understand how not to sleep.

My body has a natural work to rest ratio, if I am more at rest then I am at work then I dilute the efficiency of my sleep, I start to become a “light sleeper” who is easily awaken from my fragile sleeping state.

On the other hand a deep heavy sleep state becomes more critical to my body when the degeneration caused by physically demanding work is applied to me.

Deep regeneration can only be applied when it is needed, there is no need to deeply refresh a body that has not been utilized to the required degree.

Stress by itself is just your body’s way of telling you it wants to do something, it wants to be active, it wants to earn a good nights rest.

My body is not as complex as my mind try’s to make it. My mind will assign labels to my stress and try to undermine the very natural messages my body is sending me.

I will create more stress by choosing to stay in a mental state. By misinterpreting my stress intellectually, I continue my cycle of sleeplessness and this only increases stress more.

The mental system will eventually break your capacity for sleep down in to fragmented short light sleeps states. This is how not to sleep.

I am aware of the importance of a regular sleep schedule.
I am also aware of the natural history of the body’s night to day cycle preferences.
You can follow all the popular guidelines on exercise, eating right, and so on, but if your oblivious to the real meaning of the messages your body is telling you, and your generating to much stress, then one needs to reconsider the real meaning of their own emotions.

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